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Tibor Soskuti is a Hungarian-born visual artist living and working in Berlin, Germany. Soskuti’s visual language is distinguished by a remarkable versatility as well as a heightened sensitivity towards his subject matter, which simultaneously encompasses personal experiences and issues of a universal nature. 

From small-scale drawings to wall murals, from computer graphics-based paintings to graffiti, Soskuti finds expression with arresting ease in an array of different techniques, materials, and scales. Through his artistic process he creates and subsequently explores a vast stylistic landscape, re-inventing himself over and over again as his attention turns to new, uncharted territory. His portraits stand as testaments to mastering the art of drawing with great naturalistic precision while his "Visions and Dreams" attest to his uncurbed fantasy and creative power. Many of his series are self-contained universes, capturing as well as responding to a wide range of occurrences in the artist’s life, thoughts, visions and dreams – his "Neurology" paintings and "Paintings for the Blind" being excellent examples of that.

Soskuti’s personal journey has been just as rich and eventful as his art: having worked with the Hungarian underground in the 1970s and early 1980s, he emigrated to Berlin in 1986 from where he would travel the rest of Europe and work in various capacities over the coming decades. Throughout his career he contributed to a multitude of projects in theatre and television and carried out numerous commissions as a graphic designer, photographer, and sculptor. These in turn fueled his independent artistic output, which has been and remains an continuous and compelling presence in Soskuti’s life.

Alexandra Koronkai-Kiss M.A.

“The moment of a marine state between daylight and dusk.”  “Children in love, who materialize only partially” “The audience are bowling pins at an exhibition, and paintings are hung like banknotes” “Ties without rail tracks lie on eternal fields below houses hovering like clouds.” Memory fragments come to life. I evaluate the world and create associations. My life’s film creates moments, where the individual and known realities are in constant change. I see the finished image before each creation. Whether I’m travelling on a train, flying on an airplane, looking through the window sitting on my chair at home or just taking a walk somewhere, these visions suddenly appear as if they were real. I see these surreal formations since childhood. For instance: a real, peaceful female lion walks across my bedroom, in an arm’s reach – I fly above unknown cities and communicate there, while experiencing a great deal – a desert fox in a police uniform, which follows me, running beside my car, in which I sit, and it seems like it never ends. After a while I realized, that in reality the consciousness of the public opinion constitutes only a small part of the individual perceivers’ world. For me the creative process itself is like letting my imagination flow, and during a sort of meditation concentrating on a point (an image) through which I can become one with the world. This feeling is terribly satisfying and intense at once. All stress and suffering slips away, and everything that should appear to be important becomes inconsequential.


Tibor Soskuti 


1960            Born at midnight on 21 May, in Budapest, Hungary


1960-1969   Spends longer periods of time with grandparents and in various children’s camps. Often wanders the streets                         of Budapest. Reads and acts out numerous books, plays the piano and sings together with his grandmother, a                       tutor and teacher to the artist. 

1965            Gets first photo camera as a gift from his father



1965-1975    Studies music and learns to play the piano


1974-1978    Studies at the Török Pál Secondary School of Fine and Applied Arts in Budapest. Learns about graphic design                        and toy design.


1978-1986   His graphic works get published on a weekly basis in the "Magyar Nemzet" newspaper in Budapest

                    Creates his first paintings, exhibits regularly (see selected exhibitions) 

                    Co-set designer with Gyula Pauer in various films and plays 

                    Creates masks and posters for different plays at Szeged and Kaposvár

                    Still image photography for "Time Stops", a feature film directed by Peter Gothár, "MAFILM",Budapest

                    Designs concert visuals (various scenes screened onto performing bands)

                    Active member as a photographer and musician in the underground music groups "Balaton" and “Trabant


1986            Emigrates to Berlin, Germany


1987-1988   Carries out restoration works on an Art Nouveau building in Joachim Friedrich-Str, Berlin


1989-1990   Creates various large-scale paintings in Berlin:

                    Painting for "DFFB" (German Film and Television Academy Berlin) 

                    300 m long wall-painting graffiti on a Spanish Suzuki car for a car advertisement 

                    Wall painting on a house in Köperniker Str, Berlin


1991-1993   Assistant at Daniel Bartos "Filmausstattung und Design" (Film equipment and Design)


1994-1998   Assistant at Hans-Georg Karsdorfs "Werkstatt für Theaterplastik" (Theater Sculpture Workshop)


1996-2014   Works on set-designs:

                    Life-size Hugging Willows" sculpture and a Lilienthal model airplane

                    Making of "Stella und der Stern des Orient "in fairy tale movie," Kinderfilm GmbH ", Berlin

                    Modeling different objects, "Transport" section, sci-fi short film, "HFF Konrad Wolff", Potsdam

                    Spacecraft construction for the short film "Invasion of the Planet Earth" from the Langer-Kamitz Film                                       Production, Berlin


                    Restores furniture and design objects 


                    Creates various graphic works:

                    Web design for various artists

                    Designs and edits brochures for the, "Deutsche Akademie für Medizin Ayurveda",Berlin

                    Creates the logo of "Luisenhof", a factory building converted into a residential block in Berlin


                    Works as a commissioned fashionphotographer


                    Designs and constructs a two-storey wooden holiday home in Teupitzsee, Brandenburg


2006-2022   Realistic scenery and object modeling fom artificial concrete for various zoos, safaris, leisure parks,                                     and playgrounds, as well as private swimming pools and exhibitions all over Europe


                    Creates new works in various media

Solo Exibitions




Group Exibitions


  • Art Nykyaika Gallery, Helsinki, Finland (1984)


Many thanks for the contribution of art historian Alexandra Koronkai-Kiss

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