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1985 - Marietta - 200 x 150 cm - acrylic paint on canvas.jpg
1989 - among themselves - 200 x 110 cm -
1997 - grasshopper -150 x 90 cm - watercolor, color pen, oil , sand on paper and
1996 - friday PM - 116 x 96 cm - oil, sa
1997 - ipop -100 x 70 cm - watercolor on paper.jpg
1985 - saint_andrew - 1_3 - 200 x 150 cm - acrylic on canvas.jpg
1998 - caffee - 149 x 150 cm - spray paint on plasterboard plate.jpg
Cheesecake Thieves - 2020 - 150x122 cm -

The then new photocopies from Xerox were mainly used for text only. By experimenting with copies of photos of bands and friends and painting these picturesque and faulty photocopies in large format, I transferred them to canvas and created indoor graffiti and hung the pictures exclusively on music concerts as backgroung decoration.

These pictures are impressions of dreams, wishes and feelings of experiences.

In this series, I have synthesized my decisive life events, experiences, and strange situations into one painting, as if they were dreams.

I painted these pictures with sand and oil. The surface of the various structures from which the images are created can be felt with the fingers. Sometimes silky, gently slippery, sometimes heavily structured, sandy rough.

Emotional expressions from my different phases of life

A imagine sculpture made of jumbled, colorful panes of glass, which from almost every point of view form an abstract-looking, crystal-like, colorful shape, but the actual image can only be seen from one point. The series of images shows this fictional snapshot of the sculptures.

I painted the series in one week for the invitation to an exhibition of Lajos Vajd Studio in Szentendre, Hungary. These graffiti on canvas are based on abstracted black and white Xerox copies and tell about my passions and experiences in my world at that time.

Real wall graffiti and graffiti on plasterboard.

I gave title "Braver New World" to my new series in reffering to Huxley's "Brave New World". They are critical visions of the future from the state of today's world development.


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